Introduction to CNA Classes in Connecticut

You cannot perform the duties of nursing assistant without getting proper training of CNA because training of CNA provides a chance to acquire all the basic nursing skills; therefore, if you are planning to join healthcare industry by adopting the profession of CNA then you should join the CAN training classes of your state. The CNAs classes have been also started in the Connecticut State and if you want to join the CNA classes in Connecticut then you should pass the high school certification exam or GED diploma and candidates of certified nursing assistant training programs should be eighteen years old.

According to the report of Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US, the demand of professional certified nursing assistants will increases up to 22% to 25% during 2008 to 2018; therefore, CNA training programs have been started at the state level to meet the increasing demand of CNAs in the healthcare industry. The job of CNA requires patience, sympathy, kindness and strong desire to help and look after the old age, sick and injured people and if a person possesses a bad temperament then he should not adopt this career of certified nursing assistant.

The CNA classes in Connecticut have been started by the Connecticut Department of Health to provide the professional and highly trained nursing assistants to the healthcare industry and if you want become professional and registered CNAs in the Connecticut State then you should complete the training program of CNA and then you should qualify the certification examination of CNA. The competency examination is very important for the CNAs because you cannot get good job without passing this exam and this exam is also essential to get the license but it is important to note that you will have to take competency examination of state within one year of completing the CNA training program.

150 Medical Facilities are offering CNA Training Programs

It is reported that more than 150 institutes are offering CNA classes in Connecticut for the convenience of students and all of these CNAs training institutions approved by the Connecticut State. The CNA training programs of Connecticut are available with different schedules but you should select only those institutes that are providing 100 hours of training to their students and these 100 hours consists of both classroom instructions as well as clinical training of trainees and trainees will learn at least twenty five nursing skills during this clinical training program of CNA.

It is important to note that registered nurses are hired for the training of nursing assistant in the state’s approved programs of CNA training and if will join the CNA classes in Connecticut then you can get training from these registered nurses. The school, colleges and universities in the Connecticut do not offer free training program of CNAs and if you are looking for the free CNA training program then you should join any medical facility, nursing home or hospital because these medical institutes provide free training of CNA with the contract of working for these institutes.