What to expect from the cna day routine

If you would like to work as a CNA, you have to begin by learning your cna day routine. However, your day will depend on where you work which may lead to different responsibility and duties. The best part of becoming a CNA, is that you can work wherever you want in the job that suits your lifestyle or your needs. You can also decide on your shifts since the healthcare and the hospitals do not close. When you work in the hospital, you can decide to work in many areas which include cardiac ward, pediatric ward or ICU depending on your preferences. However, there are some duties that you need to perform always as a CNA. These are taking the urine excretion, measuring the oral intake or keeping the track of vital signs. You may also be required to help the patients in exercising, in changing or in dressing.

If you do not want to help the patient in doing some chores, then you can choose your career into the assisted living home. The residents here do most of the work themselves and they only need some mild assistance.  Your cna day routine will be about checking their health and if they are suffering any disease.

In case you wish to have your weekends or your holidays, then you can look for a job in the doctor’s office. The work in the doctor’s office is not too much and you only have to work with the doctor if he is doing the exam or you can help him in checking the vital signs. If you would like to work at your own, then you can also look for this option, you will be able to choose your schedule but this job is demanding since you will have to take care of your patient in an intensive way.

A CNA has to work always under the supervision of a registered nurse

Regardless of where you choose to work, your cna day routine will be conducted under the supervision of a nurse. The nurse may request you to take the vital signs and to report back to her. You may also be required to see if the physical health of the patient is not deteriorating. The doctors and the physician also can ask you about the life of the patient. This is because they spend more time with the patient than any other medical professional. The patient relies more on the CNA and he becomes their friends.  Your job as a CNA, is important in both in how the medical procedure are offered or in the patient life.

If you want to increase your chances to get a job or to get a better pay, then you can become a member of a union in your area. Besides improving your chances of getting a job when you join a CNA union, you have to be aware that as a CNA you should never work alone. If you begin the job as a CNA, you will begin with a low hourly rate and it will increase as you gain more experience in the cna day routine