It is easy to get a new cna license if you move state

After finishing the CNA training, doing the exam and getting the cna license you want, then you will begin to practice the CNA in the state where you got the exam. However, you may be concerned on the usage of your certificate if you have to move from one state to another. The problem is that the license you get will be governed on your state level and if for any reason you go to a new state, then you should get a new certificate in the new state if you want to practice your career. However, this is the same with other careers since you will have to register with the new certificate.

However, it will not be hard to get a cna license in the new state since it may depend on your certificate and the reputation that you have gained. In case you have a good reputation, then it will be easier to get a new license. You will also need to get some people so that they can endorse the certificate you have. The endorsement is just about asking the new state if they can honor the certificate that you have obtained in another state. In case you have no problem about your reputation, if there was no complaint that has been lodged against how you practice your work and if there is no case that can lead to your license to be revoked or suspended, then it will take few days to get your new license.

The documents you need to present to get a new license

You need to present also your certificate copy so that it can be verified. Even if you may be required to pay a fee for this process, the fee is small and when the original certificate has been verified, then you will get your certificate to practice in the new state by mail. The process of getting the new certificate also may depend on the new state where you want to practice. For some state, you may be required to show that you have worked for a number of hours to make sure that you are experienced. In case you fail to do this, then you will only be allowed to get a new certificate only after passing a new test.

There are some states that will require you to pass the exam again regardless if you have an endorsement or not. Some states do not have too much requirements such as Alabama. In Alabama, you will only need to submit your certificate and you will get a job. If you get a job, then the nursing home will be the one to submit your application to get an endorsement certificate.

You need to talk to the CNA registry if you need to get an endorsement. If you are not aware of the requirements of a certain state, you can visit the registry of that  state and they will give you the information you need. While filling the form, you can be required to attach your recent photographs together with the registration fee. Some of the states may also require you to do a medical checkup before you get a cna license.