Where you can get CNA nursing school 

Many people may attend the training of a Certified Nursing Assistant not to become a CNA, but for other reasons and one of them is to enter into nursing school. Many people do not continue with the CNA career but they may choose to go to a new healthcare facility where they can become full time nurses. It is important to understand the responsibility and requirements for the person who want to leave the CNA career to become a nurse.

The CNA are in high demand in all healthcare centers because they are the most important part of the healthcare to give both emotive and basic care to the patient. The CNA is needed for escorting, bathing, grooming, dressing, changing the beds and feeding of the patients.  He has also to take the vital signs of the patient as well as taking care of other needs of the patient. This is why the CNA is an important party in the hospital and in other healthcare facilities. The CNA aspirants have to begin by taking the CNA training so that they can take the exam to get the certification. The certification may vary from one state to another. Passing the exam, is the only way that the a person can qualify as a CNA. The CNA training is offered from many areas including high schools, vocational training center and community college. Red Cross also has many places where it offers this type of training.

Duties of a nurse

For someone who want to qualify as a CNA before entering into the nursing school, he has to take the training of 4 to 6 weeks but some states may require a longer period. The training normally covers different aspect such as safety training, feeding, bathing, taking of the vital signs and others. The vital signs that the CNA needs to know how to take include the blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature. The CNA needs to be reliable and patient while he needs also to have the best communication skills. To be able to succeed as a CNA, the  person needs to have many additional skills than what it is taught in the training.

If you want to move from the CNA to a nursing school, then you should begin by learning the duties of a nurse. The nurse is required to do different things which include to take care of the emergency room, to travel with the patient when they go to the doctors and to assist the doctors when they are doing the operation. They have also to monitor how the patient is doing when under the operation.

The registered nurses are required to record the patient medical history, to record the symptoms of the patient and to administer the medication or treatment whenever it is necessary. They should also educate the patient about diet, rehabilitation and their medical condition. The nurse also can be required to help in seminars, blood drives and screening initiatives. The nursing school can last more than a year and many technical schools or vocational schools may offer the training.