Where a certified nursing assistant works

A CNA or a certified nursing assistant is a one of the certification that you can find in the medical field. It is given to someone who has the role to assist nurses in nursing homes, universities, schools and hospitals. He can even work in the private homes. The CNA caters for the well being of the patients under the supervision of a nurse. Even if the role of the CNA may seem easy and that any person who wants to can join, there are some challenges associated with this job. This is the reason why if you want to become a CNA, you have to be fully aware of what the job is all about and what to expect when you begin the job.

The certified nursing assistant day begins by taking the round of patient in the facilities in the morning. He has to check on every patient and perform different tasks such as monitoring the blood pressure, temperature and other necessary vital signs. After taking the vital signs, he will have to fill the forms, recording the vital signs that he has already taken. He has also to ask the problems of every patient.

After the round, it is important for the CNA to check if every patient has taken his prescribed medicine and meals. The CNA has to make sure that the patient is comfortable and to change the bed lines as well as cleaning them. He has to ensure that the patients who may develop the rashes or sore back are changed to reduce the risks. They have also to assist the patient who cannot do things at their own like going to the bathroom.

Additional duties of a CNA

The certified nursing assistant job does not require working with the patient always. He may be required to do other shores which are not can be related to the patient but indirectly. The tasks include making sure that surgical apparatus are sterilized and preparing for the doctor tour. The CNA may also have to fill in some paper work for documentation purpose for every patient. The CNA has to do different tasks and you have to be aware of such tasks in order to know if you can take up the job as a certified nursing assistant. To be able to succeed as a CNA, you need to have a caring attitude.

As a nursing assistant, you will be a part of  a large team of other medical professional. You will be required to assist in doing extra works which do not have the person to work on at that time. You can work for a 8 up to 12 hours shift if you work in the hospital. For a salary, you can be paid from 9 dollar up to 13 dollar depending on where you work. Experience CNA can be paid over 15 dollar per hour. If you are asked to work overtime, then you will be also paid and this can help you to earn more. The certified nursing assistant is also given a week of paid vacation every year.