If someone has decided to follow nursing as his career, before he can make the decision of joining the cna training, he has to make an honest assessment for himself to see if he is the right candidate for the job.

After the training, you are also required to read the past papers and the kind of questions they ask so that you can understand if you are ready to take the exam or not. The examination will consist of two sections, the written exam and the practical exam.

The need to use a practical examĀ 

The practical exam is taken to see if the candidate is able to react on different problems and the situations. The practical test also will help the examiner to be able to measure the ability to grasp the details of the situation and the level of confidence of the student. The preparation you make with your cna training, will make the difference between the failure and the success of the exam. For someone to be able to pass the exam, he has to clear with the theory.

The theory behind the practical is not to know about what you are doing but to know why you are doing it. If you know the theory and how you have to apply it, then you will be ensured of passing with flying colors. The sample questions given can help you in becoming better prepared for the examination.

The types of the exam for a cna training

After the cna training, you will have to pass the exam which is composed by seventy questions. The questions multiple choice while the first 10 are related to the personnel information. This will be followed by sixty questions. The questions given are objective with multiple choices.

The second test try to test the skill evaluation. The candidate will be asked to perform some procedures which are related to the nursing practice. The actions you do are followed by an evaluator. The tests to do are normally 5 and the students have to complete them before he can become successful.

The questions of the cna training are related to the common situations in nursing. If you want to become a cna, you have to fully aware that you will be required to assist a sick person. You can wrok in the health centers, in nursing homes or in a hospital.

Other names of a cna

There are other names which can be used for the cna such as personal care assistant, Home health aides, patient care technicians, nurse aids or health care professionals. The cna training has to teach a cna to do some of the following duties. Taking the BP charts with monitoring any fluctuation. Assisting the patient in exercising which have prescribed by a physiotherapist. He has to dress the patient, to feed him and to help him in doing other activities. The cna has to help in preparing the bed and neat environment for the patient. He should also be able to monitor if the patient is improving or deteriorating. There are also some criteria which have to be fulfilled before someone is allowed to take the cna training.