Take advantage of the CNA in Oklahoma to become a CNA

In Oklahoma, the fines that come from nurses were expected to fund the CNA in Oklahoma training so that people can join in free. The program also had a funding of  more than 300,000 dollars that can cover the studies of more than 1000 students in the state. This training was a joint initiative of Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, Tulsa community College and Oklahoma State Department of Health.

OSDH fines many nursing homes when they offer substandard care or if they abuse their career so that they can fund free classes in the state. The CNA that will benefit from such training will be beneficial to such homes and will help in offering the best patient care for long. There is also the program to upgrade the CNA to the level of the CNA 2 so that they can offer better services. Tulsa Community College offers the advanced training for the people who are already CNA. This is the level called CNA 3 and it is not yet under the funding program.

Who qualifies for the funds

The programs that are funded by OSDH from the penalties of the nursing care that give low quality care, they give the priority to the CNAs who are already working with these homes. This program will serve as a career ladder for the CNAs who are already working. The CNA in Oklahoma free program combines both the traditional classroom as well as the online learning. The students have also to attend lab work. The students who qualify should have the computer access and they need to complete the online course before they join in practical

However, the students who want to study in Tulsa Community College for Level 3, they have to be aware that they cannot apply for the funding and there is no free program at the college. Many CNAs like to study in this college and they have always limited spaces, it is always advised to send your application early. All the CNAs who want to join, they have to have a college placement pass with at least 80 percent. The CNA should apply with the recommendation letter from the administrator and he should have the experience in working in health care for more than 6 months.

The free CNA in Oklahoma training has to take more than 30 hours that include 3 hours session for 11 modules. The program focuses on the safety, nutrition, communication, quality of life, spirituality, cultural changes and dementia care among others. After the training, the student will have to pass the state exam so that he can receive the CNA certification.

The state of Oklahoma has at least 66,000 thousand people who have the license and who are expected to apply for this program. The students who will be accepted will get more information about the program through email. The student will have to follow certain instructions about the immunization and pass the criminal background check as well the drug screening. You can also qualify for different free CNA in Oklahoma trainings, and you can learn about them online.